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Cloudera 6.3 Host Filesystem Metrics: How to retrieve these from a host via API or SQL calls?


Hello All,


I would like to be able to get the following metrics via Cloudera API or DB SQL query?  Is this possible?  If so, how could I do this via:


1) API Calls

2) SQL Query (if stored in a DB)

3) Or retrieve it from the Host Monitor Timeseries files?  Ex.  [root@cm-r01en02 stream_2020-05-27T16:30:29.974Z]# pwd


I'm looking for data such as this or even just the tmpfs usage for all hosts:

File Systems

Disk Mount Point Usage
10.2 GiB/127.9 GiB
32.2 MiB/19.5 GiB
255.0 MiB/496.7 MiB
52.3 MiB/5.8 GiB
31.7 GiB/60.0 GiB
231.1 MiB/5.8 GiB
0 B/5.8 GiB




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You can use the time series API to get the details.


Below tsquery should work:

SELECT capacity WHERE hostId=<host_id> AND category = FILESYSTEM


Hope this helps,


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@TCloud :


API calls would be recommended, if you are doing sql calls it might be some burden to the underlying layer. If you try to API it will go via system and predefined things you can fetch.


~ Govind

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