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Cloudera: Add the Accumulo 1.7.2 parcel into Cloudera manager

Cloudera: Add the Accumulo 1.7.2 parcel into Cloudera manager

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I am trying to add the new accumulo 1.7.2 parcel for el7 into Cloudera manager. My version of Cloudera manager is 5.5.2 which is valid with the Accumulo parcel (minimum is 5.5.0). And My cloudera machine have no internet connection

I downloaded the new parcel from this site:

I added the parcel into /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo/accumulo/ I have an older version of Accumulo there that is running fine. I also updated the manifest.json file include the SHA of the new parcel. I am not able to see the parcel under Parcels in Cloudera manager. I could not find any documentations about it. How can I get the new Accumulo Parcel run with Cloudera manager?

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Re: Cloudera: Add the Accumulo 1.7.2 parcel into Cloudera manager

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The way to do this is to download the parcel files to a location on any host that can be reached by your Cloudera Manager host.  Host them on a web server in your internal network and point CM there by adding the URL to the list of Parcel URLs in Administration --> Settings --> Parcels


You can also use a temporary web server like the simpleHTTPServer included with Python.


Here are the steps you can follow:




Create a directory that will be your web root.




mkdir /tmp/tmpParcelRepo



change directory to your web root (for example /tmp/tmpParcelRepo)




Download the following files:


For example:


# wget

# wget




Start your web server (the current directory will become the web root on the server):


# python -m SimpleHTTPServer


NOTE:  you can test to make sure the server shows the files by using something like:


# curl host:port


host will be the host on which your HTTP server is running

port is 8000 (default for SimpleHTTPServer)




Add the url to the parcels configuration:


Go to Administration --> Settings --> Parcels

Search for Remote Parcel Repository URLs


Add your web server url to "Remote Parcel Repository URLs"






In the parcels page, you should now see Accumlo available for download.  If you don't, click "Check for New Parcels" button on your Parcels page.