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Cloudera Cluster Deployment bootsrap failed error on EC2 using Director

Cloudera Cluster Deployment bootsrap failed error on EC2 using Director

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I have successfully deployed Cloudera Director and Cloudera Manager on EC2. I can access both director and manager instances from browser and can do ssh to those instances. Cloudera Manager server and agent is running fine and checked it by running following commands.


Next step is - i want to deploy cluster. However its failing and i am getting Bootstrap failed error. I checked application.log file on director and found exception as - "Caused by: ConnectException invoking http://:7180/api/v6/commands/158: Connection refused (Connection refused)". After checking services status, i found that during deployment of cluster, somehow cloudera-scm-manager service is getting stopped.(cloudera-scm-server). However before deployment of cluster, i had verified that cloudera-scm-server service was up and running.


I tried deploying cluster number of times and using both t2 small and m4 large instance types. I am getting same exception. After getting error, if i restart cloudera-scm-service, it starts, and works fine. But during cluster deployment it gets stops automatically which i guess fails the cluster deployment. Not sure how and why?


Any idea what could be the issue? Can someone provide any pointers/help to resolve this issue?


Version details used for deployment as follows -

Cloudera Director version - 2.4.1

Cloudera Manager version - 5.11.1 (it is deployed using t2 small instance type)

EC2 instance - tried with both t2 small and m4 large instance type.

EC2 instance OS - RHEL 6.7, 64-bit

Cluster config selected - 1 master,1 worker,1 gateway 

Cluster services selected - Core Hadoop with Spark on YARN(this includes following services - HDFS, Hive, Hue, Oozie, Spark on YARN, YARN, ZooKeeper)


Any help/input/pointers to solve this issue, greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.