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Cloudera Enterprise 5.13.3 - Toolset version

Cloudera Enterprise 5.13.3 - Toolset version

New Contributor


Which version of Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Impapala etc shipped with recent release Cloudera Enterprise 5.13.3?




Re: Cloudera Enterprise 5.13.3 - Toolset version

Community Manager

Hi @Venkata_Gali,


I think the information you are looking for is contained in the 5.13.x Packaging and tarball information page. Please remember that in CDH, component version numbers alone don't tell the full story of what's in the release.


You might also be interested in this community article on CDH components versions that explains the difference.


I hope this helps.

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: Cloudera Enterprise 5.13.3 - Toolset version

New Contributor

Hi Cy Jervis,

Thanks for your response.


When can we expect next version of CDH release to include latest version of opensource  componetns, including


Hadoop 2.9.0,

Hive 2.3.3,

Spark 2.3.0,

Impala 2.11,

sqoop 1.4.7




i think spark-1.6.0 is tool old to use, particularly when Spary 2.x is avaialble for a while.