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Cloudera Express License Enforcement for CDH6.1

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Hi Community,


According to the documentation:


  • Cloudera Manager will not allow you to add hosts to a CDH 6.x cluster if the total number of hosts across all CDH 6.x clusters will exceed 100.


A) Is it for the clusters managed by the same cloudera manager or cross the cloudera managers a company has?


B) Is it including Dev,QA,POC and DR clusters?


C) Is it limited to DataNodes or nodes as whole? we have several VM nodes as client servers and other management nodes, only DataNodes are physical ones.


D) If it cross the cloudera managers, how cloudera determines all the used cloudera managers are related to the same company?


My Dev,QA and POC clusters, each managed by dedicated cloudera manager and built on top of VM machines and i have here only 20-30 machines.


Community Manager

Did you see the post on the announcement board around this? It may answer some of your questions.


Cloudera Manager 6.1 Express functionality change



Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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Yes and I used the statement from the announcement

Cloudera Employee

Hello Fawze, 


Thanks for your questions, I'll try and answer them in turn.


A) This is aimed at being a customer company wide maximum of 100 Cloudera Express nodes per company. Cloudera Manager (CM) can manage multiple clusters, so where you have 1 CM instance managing all your clusters, it will take a cumulative view over all those clusters to calculate how many Express nodes there are running.


Where you are running clusters in isolation of each other, we will collate usage information through other means and report back to customers via their account teams. 


B) It will include all Cloudera Manager Managed clusters on your site, Dev,QA,POC and DR. It is as important to have your DR, Dev and QA clusters running licensed and fully features EDH, inline with your production environment, so that you can receive the fullest level of support and can be delivered to you throughout your release cycles for infrastructure or software you are developing on the platform. 


C) It is not limited to DataNodes, but any node running Cloudera features and managed by Cloudera Manager that requires a license to be considerd an Cloudera Enterprise node.


D) Recent versions of CM, where managing multi clusters for a customer, have the ability to monitor licensing and entitlements, and our other data collection methods allow us to correctly identify which customers are suing what features. 


Note this is not specifically about VMs, but Cloudera Express, on whatever infrastructure you are chosing to run, be it VMs or bare metal. 



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Hi John,

Thanks for you detailed answers.

I’m downloading express version and install, and I don’t have cloudera
account team.
How these calculations done.

I’m managing different clusters each with isolated CM.

My largest cluster has 40 nodes.

Cloudera Employee

Hello Fawze, 


Thanks for the details provided. 


How are you purchasing and deploying your licenses for your Dev, QA and Production clusters, once you have downloaded and installed the Express version of the software?



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I’m downloading parcels to my local repository and distribute it using
cloudera manager.

I have no cloudera licenses at all.

Cloudera Employee

Thanks Fawze, 


I'd encourage anyone running our software in a production environment to license their usage of our software.


At this time, with the 100 node limit for Express, and you having less than 100 nodes, you will not be impacted by this change for C6.1. 


Cloudera will continue to increase the functionality and tooling around licensing and product features and usage in future releases. 


Please watch for those changes cloesly, as they may impact your usage model in those releases.



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Thanks John, so i understand now in my case i'm limited for 100 nodes per
isolated cluster, right?

And the more important, if i installed CDH6.1, i will only impacted by the
version released after CDH6.1 and not the same version, right?

Cloudera Employee

Hello Fawze, 


The limit is 100 nodes in total, across all your clsuters, isolated or managed via a single CM instance for CM6.1 and above. 


Functionality will be restricted inline with the guidance in the original post, where a cluster, or group of CM managed clsuters goes beyond 100 Express nodes. 



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Thanks John,

Even i still didn't get how Cloudera can track the un licensed express
version that managed isolated cloudera manager clusters.

Cloudera Employee

No problem Fawze, happy to help. 


As mentioned we limit the 100 express nodes functionality at the CM level, and over time we will improve how we monitor, distribute and license our software to gain greater insight into clusters running at a site level, isolated or not.