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Cloudera Express License Enforcement for CDH6.1

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Hi Community,


According to the documentation:


  • Cloudera Manager will not allow you to add hosts to a CDH 6.x cluster if the total number of hosts across all CDH 6.x clusters will exceed 100.


A) Is it for the clusters managed by the same cloudera manager or cross the cloudera managers a company has?


B) Is it including Dev,QA,POC and DR clusters?


C) Is it limited to DataNodes or nodes as whole? we have several VM nodes as client servers and other management nodes, only DataNodes are physical ones.


D) If it cross the cloudera managers, how cloudera determines all the used cloudera managers are related to the same company?


My Dev,QA and POC clusters, each managed by dedicated cloudera manager and built on top of VM machines and i have here only 20-30 machines.


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Thanks John,

Even i still didn't get how Cloudera can track the un licensed express
version that managed isolated cloudera manager clusters.

Cloudera Employee

No problem Fawze, happy to help. 


As mentioned we limit the 100 express nodes functionality at the CM level, and over time we will improve how we monitor, distribute and license our software to gain greater insight into clusters running at a site level, isolated or not.