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Cloudera Flow Manager 1.0.1 Compatibility with Java 11--Will NiFi Registry work with NiFi 1.10.0?


Question about versioning...

We are no longer using Java 8, but the current CFM 1.0.1 has a version of NiFi that only works with Java 8.

I'm going to install a NiFi 1.10.0 node on Java 11 without CFM 1.0.1 until CFM gets an update. My question is, will NiFi Registry on CFM 1.0.1 be compatible with Java 11?

Thank you!


Super Collaborator

Given that the question is already asked a few days ago I will state:

Cloudera has not declared 1.10 to be GA yet.


This question will be solved in the release notes, at this time I did not find a conclusive answer. 

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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