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Cloudera/Kerberos issue

Cloudera/Kerberos issue

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We have installed Cloudera setup for which our nodes were working fine but as soon as we enable kerebros security from cloudera manager our nodes start failing says roles invalid or roles not defined wherein when we check from kadmin.local all the principal user are working fine . 


Request you to please look into it and please suggest appropriate solution for the same 


Re: Cloudera/Kerberos issue

Super Guru

Happy to help.


First we need to know more about what problem you encountered when enabling kerberos and what step failed. You say that "nodes" start failing, but we need to know what service and roles are actually failing.


you say you checked your principals in your MIT KDC with kadmin.local, so I assume you mean that all the expected principals created for the Hadoop services are there.  Please confirm what you mean when you say "they are working fine."


Did any services start up fine?  zookeeper, HDFS, etc.?