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Cloudera Manager Auto TLS vs license

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 it is not clear from the documentaiton which enterprise license must be activated for using AutoTLS.


Auto-TLS, first introduced in Cloudera Manager 5.13 on Cloudera Director 2.6, is now available for on-premises clusters in Cloudera Enterprise 6.

An Enterprise license is required to enable Auto-TLS.


In the pricing page multiple different subcsriptions are mentioned, does it mean that any of these licenses are required? Or the "Enterprise license" == "Enterprise Data Hub"?


Data Science & Engineering1
Operational DB
Data Warehouse
Enterprise Data Hub1



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HI Thomas,

I believe with the C6.x release any paid license will allow you to use auto tls.   I don't know about Altus. 



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Altus, both Director and the service-based offerings, passes the enterprise license through to Cloudera Manager as is. So, it's sufficient that the license enables auto-TLS in Cloudera Manager. In other words, Altus doesn't add any additional constraints.

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