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Cloudera Manager ITSM Capabilities

Cloudera Manager ITSM Capabilities


Hi All


Is there any documentation regarding how Cloudera Manager is meeting ITIL best practices?

I would like to know how you approach to this based on the experience in your enterprises. (Please consider Hadoop on Baremetal,  Hadoop on VM, and Containerized Hadoop/Spark dockers)


The sample scenario:

- Create a Data Platform service where it can be ordered and provisioned from scratch as a silo cluster on-prem or cloud? Alternatively, the requestor might want to use shared cluster and ask to be a multi-tenant?

- When the request is approved, the request is provisioned automatically (create silo cluster or configure the requestor as a tenant on shared platform with the support of separate billing, etc..

- Catalogue new services created

- Service Measurement - measure specific tenant utilization, charge back

- Manage issues (Ticket management)

- Configuration management

- Change Management

- Deployment & Release Management - provision dev/test environment on demand using available scripts

- Operations & Monitoring







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