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Cloudera Manager YARN-Refresh-Out-of-Date-Services


Cloudera Manager YARN-Refresh-Out-of-Date-Services




In the Cloudera Manager(CDH5-B2), I have set the parameters for container memory and container memory maximum to 8 GB each.


But evertime the command 'YARN-Refresh-Out-of-Date-Services' are executed, these settings are set back to 1 GB.


Why this is happening and how frequently does the command 'YARN-Refresh-Out-of-Date-Services'  run automatically  in the Cloudera Manager? Is there any documnetation regarding this?


Also, I noted that most of the times, this command runs for a very long time and finally I have to kill it.


Please let me know if there is also any documentation on this. Thanks.


Re: Cloudera Manager YARN-Refresh-Out-of-Date-Services

Master Guru
Would you be able to upgrade to the CM5 GA release from your current Beta2 release to see if this issue persists?
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