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Cloudera Manager hangs when Installing Selected Parcels

Cloudera Manager hangs when Installing Selected Parcels



I am installing the try to install the clsuter on vitual box through creating the virtual machines.

1) I have installed th quickstart VM 5.7.0 on virtual box.

2) Then after that I installed the ubuntu OS  as a virtual machine on virtual box.

3) after that statred the cloudera manager on VM and click on the add cluster option.

4) search the IP of my virtual machine(Ubuntu).

5) It started the installation and now stuck on the step 6


Cluster Installation
Installing Selected Parcels

The selected parcels are being downloaded and installed on all the hosts in the cluster.

CDH 5.7.0-1.cdh5.7.0.p0.45
Activated: 0/0
It is not moved ahead from this stepp.
Please help to resolve this issue.
Thaanks !!!
Unpacked: 0/0
Distributed: 0/0
Downloaded: 100%