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Cloudera Morphlines: For Building/Integrating ETL Apps for Hadoop

Cloudera Morphlines: For Building/Integrating ETL Apps for Hadoop

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Today Cloudera introduced Morphlines, a new open source framework that reduces the time and skills necessary to integrate, build, and change Hadoop processing applications that extract, transform, and load data into Apache Solr, Apache HBase, HDFS, enterprise data warehouses, or analytic online dashboards.


The Morphlines library was developed as part of Cloudera Search. It powers a variety of ETL data flows from Apache Flume and MapReduce into Solr. Flume covers the real-time case, whereas MapReduce covers the batch processing case.


Since the launch of Cloudera Search, Morphlines development has graduated into the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK) in order to make the technology accessible to a wider range of users, contributors, integrators, and products beyond Search. 


Your contributions are wanted and needed!

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