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Cloudera Navigator and S3 source type


Cloudera Navigator and S3 source type




I am trying to add AWS credentials as External Account and getting the S3 metadata information in Cloudera Navigator. For this when i use the personal account I was able to get the S3 entities metadata information, but when i do with my corp AWS account I was not able to get the S3 entities metadata information. Could you please help in providing the policies/permissions from AWS side to get access to S3 from Cloudera Navigator.



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Re: Cloudera Navigator and S3 source type

Cloudera Employee

The AWS IAM permissions required for Cloudera Navigator to collect metadata are as follows:


1) Default configurations need administrator privileges for S3 and SQS

2) Custom configurations need the same for S3, SQS and SNS


This is described in more detail in the documentation:


If the issue persists after adding those permissions, please provide the errors observed when using the corporate AWS account.

Re: Cloudera Navigator and S3 source type

Rising Star

Hi There, 


Thank you for reachin out to the community. Initially, the only requirements we have for extracting metadata from S3 are the ones outlined in the documentation.


Please review that and make sure everything is in order regarding those requirements. If there are still issues, we can assist more if you provide the CM version you're using.



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