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Cloudera Navigator functionality

Cloudera Navigator functionality

New Contributor

Hi, I am exploring Cloudera Navigator functionalities and I did not come across the following in its documentation. Can anyone please help me with these?

1. Do all security policies that are applied on the actual data also configurable on the metadata? i.e. If the data element is restricted, then access to its metadata is also restricted

2. Does it provide the ability to specify classifications - like PII, PHI, Operational Criticality, Retention Tiering?

3. Does it provide the ability to propagate classifications for a data element through the lineage?

4. Does it have the capability to create reports on health of metadata in the repository on various dimensions like stewardship, ownership, business area, subject area, etc.

5. Does it provide users the capability of collaborating with other users within the metadata management platform?

6. Can details of metadata be exposed by APIs?

7. Does it support bulk upload of metadata?

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