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Cloudera QuickStart 5.8: Hive table not created

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I downloaded VMware Workstation12 Player and installed; and then downloaded cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.8.0-0-vmware.

I configure to use 2 processors, 8 GB RAM;  Hard disk 64GB.


My windows10 computer has 24 GB RAM.


When Clouder Manager came up, I started Host, HDFS, Yarn, HIVE and HUE services.


When I create a database in Hive via Hue, the database was created in about 4 mins.

When I create a simple table in Hive via Hue running query:  Create table t1 (x int, y string),  it stucks.


I restart HIVE and HUE and tried, same behavior, the table is not created.  Got it is still running with orange line bar stop after 1 min.


I tried both Cloudera express and enterprise,  the table was never created.  Also tried creating table via Hue "Data Browser"/"Metastore tables", to create table from a small csv file; the table is not created.


It does not seem to have error. Any advise?  Would like to be able to create HIVE table and get it working.





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Were you able to resolve this issue? I happen to be facing this now.



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