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Cloudera QuickStart virtual machine inside Azure

New Contributor

I am trying to run the Cloudera QuickStart virtual machine inside Azure.  How can I do that? Help would be apprecaited.. this is the link to the site where you download the virtual machines:


I want to run inside the Azure


I see Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera Director but not the Cloudera Quickstart VM in Azure


Super Guru



Thank you for your interest in CDH.


The QuickStart downloads are intended to be run as gues OSes in Virtualbox, VMware, Docker, etc.

To use a QuickStart install, you would need the viritualization software live VMware on your Azure host.


If you just have raw Azure hosts, I assume you can either install using "yum" or "apt-get" on the hosts or use Cloudera Director to deploy a cluster.


I know you might have more questions, but I think this explains why you are having difficulty finding a "quickstart" for Azure.  Azure is a cloud offering, but a QuickStart is intended to be run in a Virtual Machine, docker,etc.

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