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Cloudera Reports Manager Detected pause in JVM or host machine

Cloudera Reports Manager Detected pause in JVM or host machine

New Contributor

We are seeing Cloudera Reports Manager's Java process at 100% and seeing lots of log messages aka>


Detected pause in JVM or host machine (e.g. a stop the world GC, or JVM not scheduled): paused approximately 63491ms: GC pool 'G1 Young Generation' had collection(s): count=2 time=101ms, GC pool 'G1 Old Generation' had collection(s): count=1 time=63768ms


We have tried increasing the Java Heap several times each time adding an additional 1gb.  and we did find this KB which did not seem to help and currently at 15gb for the JVM.


 If adding addtional memory to the JVM would help how do you know really how much to give it?  Or do you just keep adding it incrementially until its ok?   Anyone have any addtiional ideas?  We are currently at version: Cloudera Enterprise 5.5.3, Java Version: 1.7.0_67, Java VM Name: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM.     and Yes at some point we will upgrade just do not have time currently.



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