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Cloudera and Hortonworks Merge


Hello Friends,

I have just read the news that Cloudera and Hortonworks have merged as one company.

I was both shocked and surprised.

But now I am eager to know what will be the future of Hadoop, which is still open source and free software under apache ?

Also, the Hortonworks Certifications such as HDPCD and others, will they still hold any value at industry level ?

Please do let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Thanking you



Expert Contributor

I am also interested to know more about the future products and services after this merger. Which products are going to be kept and which of them are going to be discontinued.

There is a big question of open-source and free services which we are going to have less option in case the new company decides to stop or limits the free and open part of their products. Before there was always a part where you knew you can switch to the other company, but now there is only MapR which is not really open and free.



That was a smart move actually... imagine Samsung mobiles merging with Apple... 'D

Good questions btw. We have to wait until Jan. 15 to take a deep-dive into new certifications.

That would be great if they could come up with a "get 1 for 2!" (HortonWorks and Cloudera certification process).

Fingers crossed!

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I am sure they do everything to keep the paid customers as happy as they were before, my main concern is the open-source and free services they both used to have! Competition is always good for consumers. If Apple and Samsung would merge one day this means they would require less innovation, less cheap products, etc. since it would be a dominant brand! Why make something cheap or good if there is nothing cheaper and better to compete with! (

I hope they both keep their open source culture and more embrace it as they go alongside their paid services such as Elastic and MongoDB companies.


For the certifications, I think yes because the contents are all the same , the whole difference in the tooling around the HDP/Cloudera ecosystem. By far Hortonworks is very rich thanks to open source and I am very sure Ranger and Atlas as compared to Sentry which is crap will make it to the top level.
There are tools which MUST be part of the merger product like

  • kafka
  • zookeeper
  • hbase
  • sqoop
  • Solr
  • Oozie
  • knox
  • Hue

Just to mention but a few

Expert Contributor

But I highly doubt Apache Zeppelin, for instance, be supported since Cloudera has its own enterprise ready science workbench. And time after time when we asked for support of Zeppelin, they said no as they have Hue and Data Science Workbench. (just right there, Hortonworks' community lost its one and only solution to data science!)

There is going to be some terminations to some products on both sides in favor of the other company's products (paid/free). But any sacrifice on Hortonworks' side means we lose the Open Source part of it.

Apache Hadoop ecosystem has been and always will be Open Source. The point of using Hadoop vendors such as Hortonworks and Cloudera is to ease the painful process of installations, configurations, management, security, etc. Apache Ambari will be terminated as Cloudera Manager is much powerful and it has both express(free) and enterprise(paid) editions. Therefore, in the new company, if they decide to end the express edition, then there is nothing left to ease the painful process of administrating Hadoop cluster. And the worse part is, there is no other vendor we can go to! There has been always blue vs. green (Hortonworks vs. Cloudera) when it came to open source or free and limited editions.

I could only wish Hortonworks can keep and extend its Open Source culture inside Cloudera as I know it would be tough.