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Cloudera-dictator (gcp.simple.conf) Installation failed in GCP


Cloudera-dictator (gcp.simple.conf) Installation failed in GCP

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Any one please help me - I was trying to installed CDH5 using dictator (gcp.simple.conf) on GCP but its getting parcel failed errors. 


Whenenver I was executed bootstrap command, that time i seen on GCP console - created 5 instances for time being, after within minutes 4 instances autoamatically deleted. Also its not printing in GCP notifications.


Anyone can help me to find out the root cause.


Please find below errors logs ;- 




[root@cloudera-director hadoop]# cloudera-director bootstrap-remote gcp.simple.conf --lp.remote.username=admin --lp.remote.password=admin --lp.remote.hostAndPort=localhost:7189
Process logs can be found at /root/.cloudera-director/logs/application.log
Plugins will be loaded from /var/lib/cloudera-director-plugins
Cloudera Altus Director 6.2.1 initializing ...
Connecting to http://localhost:7189
Current user roles: [ROLE_READONLY, ROLE_ADMIN]
Creating a new environment...
Creating external database servers if configured...
Creating a new Cloudera Manager...
Creating a new CDH cluster...
* Requesting an instance for Cloudera Manager ....... done
* Inspecting capabilities of .... done
* Installing ntp package (1/4) ... done
* Installing curl package (2/4) ... done
* Installing nscd package (3/4) .... done
* Installing rng-tools package (4/4) ......... done
* Resizing instance root partition ... done
* Mounting all instance disk drives ... done
* Waiting for new external database servers to start running ... done
* Installing repositories for Cloudera Manager ..... done
* Installing oracle-j2sdk1.8 package (1/4) .... done
* Installing yum-utils package (2/4) ... done
* Installing cloudera-manager-daemons package (3/4) .... done
* Installing cloudera-manager-server package (4/4) .... done
* Setting up embedded PostgreSQL database for Cloudera Manager ... done
* Installing cloudera-manager-server-db-2 package (1/1) .... done
* Starting embedded PostgreSQL database ... done
* Starting Cloudera Manager server ... done
* Waiting for Cloudera Manager server to start ... done
* Enabling Enterprise Trial ... done
* Configuring Cloudera Manager ... done
* Deploying Cloudera Manager agent ... done
* Waiting for Cloudera Manager to deploy agent on ..... done
* Setting up Cloudera Management Services ....... done
* Backing up Cloudera Manager Server configuration ..... done
* Inspecting capabilities of ... done
* Running Deployment post create scripts ... done
* Done ...
Cloudera Manager ready.
* Parallel execution of jobs failed. Total: 1 Canceled: 0 Failed: 1 ...





Thanks in Advance.



Re: Cloudera-dictator (gcp.simple.conf) Installation failed in GCP

Expert Contributor

Hi Ra,


I should note that it's "Director", not "Dictator", although I do like your name because it sounds really assertive. ;)


Altus Director generates a log with much more detailed information about what is happening, and that's the first spot you'd want to look. Since you're using "bootstrap-remote", you want to look at the server log, which is usually at /var/log/cloudera-director-server/application.log.


It seems that the single GCE instance for Cloudera Manager came up successfully, but something went wrong with the instances for the cluster. The server log should reveal more.


If you have a support contract with us, it's a good idea to open a case and include the entirety of the server log with it. Our support team can take a look and possibly help get you moving.

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