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[Cloudera manager 6.3 version] dfs.namenode.servicerpc-bind-host problem

New Contributor

Hello, I installed version 6.3 of  Cloudera Manager


In hdfs-site.conf , I modified it by adding dfs.namenode.servicerpc-bind-host as shown below.




However, after restarting hdfs, the result is as shown below. I wanted to allow all IP connections using bind-host. Is it correct to change this setting?




Expert Contributor

Hi @songhwan 


By default HDFS endpoints are specified as either hostnames or IP addresses. In either case HDFS daemons will bind to a single IP address making the daemons unreachable from other networks.

The solution is to have separate setting for server endpoints to force binding the wildcard IP address INADDR_ANY i.e. Do NOT supply a port number with any of these settings.


Usually in most of cluster those settings are bind to to make namenode listen to all interfaces.


In case - If you have any issues with Namenode communication [wrt load or communication issue between namenode-datanode or block report] then you need to go for tuning this properties. Please check the link for details -






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