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Cloudera manager API set parcels URL

Expert Contributor

Hi, Is there any opportunity to setup cloudera parcels url?

By default they are pointing to the latest versino of CDH, Impala, .e.t.c

I would like to point them using api to concrete version.


Re: Cloudera manager API set parcels URL

Cloudera Employee

Hi there,


Something like this will do the trick:


curl -v -u admin:password http://cmhost:7180/api/v3/cm/config -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{ "itms": [ { "name": "REMOTE_PARCEL_REPO_URLS", "value": "" } ]}'


We've modelled that settings as configuration of CM itself.  The value is a comma-delimited string of URLs.  I've chosen 4.3.0 to give you an example.


You should use the latest version of the API for your release.  Simplest is to see which is the latest that works.




-- Philip

Re: Cloudera manager API set parcels URL

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