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Cloudera manager agent installation error - libtidy package is missing

New Contributor

Dear all 


Today, while installing 6.2.0 agent on RHEL 7, the installation interrupted during hue installation reporting that libtidy package is missing. The installation downloaded 1.7G extra packages, installed and removed their installations, then due to a single missing package, uninstalled the agent installation which seems to be ridiculous. 


I don't know why there's no optioon to skip specific packages, or just to retry after installing a tiny package, instead of uninstalling everything and start the installation from scratch. 


So my questions are: 


- Is there any option to pause the installation, solve the problem and then resume it? 

- I couldn't find libtidy package in the RHEL installation repository. Anybody faced this problem during agent installation (6.2.0) on RHEL 7? 




New Contributor

Solved it by installing the package manually and restarting the installation. But again, why on earth the installation stops and reverts automatically back because of one single missing package, where it can ask us to install it manually and proceed the installation 

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