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Cloudera managmer agent package requires:



    I have an issue on installing cloudera manager agent when I try to use the following command to add a host(CentOS 7 -x86_64) to the cluster.

yum install cloudera-manager-agent-5.16.2-1.cm5162.p0.7.el6.x86_64

I have even tried e17 in the place of e16




Re: Cloudera managmer agent package requires:

Super Collaborator

Hi @lalprasanth ,


Please share the CM repo file content from /etc/yum.repos.d. 




Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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Re: Cloudera managmer agent package requires:

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In CentOS7 you are not supposed to install CentOS6 Packages as it might lead to package dependency conflicts.


As we see that in CentOS7 you tried to install "el6" packages which is not correct. The attached screenshot shows that it is trying to install "el6" package of  cloudera-manager-agent-5.16.2-1.cm5162.p0.7.el6.x86_64


Also please check what other dependencies are installed as part of this in your host that belongs to "el6" instead of "el7" as it might lead to a problem if you might have installed some "el6" packages on the host that needs "el7" binaries and will cause yum level dependency conflict.

# grep 'el6' /var/log/yum.log