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Cluster Name affect on Ranger policies


Initially we had cluster name as ClusterHW_1 in ambari and corresponding ranger default policies as ClusterHW_1_hadoop,Cluster HW_1_hbase,ClusterHW_1_hive . After couple of days , we renamed the cluster ClusterHW_2 and restarted most of the services due to change in Hadoop.proxy.hosts value to *. We observed that earlier ranger policies were not working and ambari has created new ranger policies as ClusterHW_2_hadoop,Cluster HW_2_hbase,ClusterHW_2_hive . Can someone explain this behaviour and how is it working in detailed way and how to prevent this , if possible?


Ambari will check if a corresponding service (aka repo) exists in ranger for each service where ranger plugin is enabled. This check is done with name <clustername>_<servicename> where clustername is ambari cluster name and servicename is hadoop/hive/hbase etc. So if the cluster is renamed, it would create new repos in ranger.

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