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Cluster Nodes Restarting

Cluster Nodes Restarting

my cluster consists of NameNode,Secondary Node,DataNode1,DataNode 2,DataNode3 and three Journal Nodes which are installed on namenode,secondary node and first data node

each node is a virtual machine all the services were working well but after a shutdown for the pc containing all vms ,all vms were shutdown

after restart of these vms my cluster wasn't not able to restart the services again what could the be the reason?

or my question can be :if all nodes crashed (there are crashed nodes more than allowed number of nodes

in high availability)can we restart the cluster again or it is lost and there is no ability to restart it again

hint:allowed number of nodes in high availability is (the number of journal nodes -1)/2


Re: Cluster Nodes Restarting

Super Guru

You will need to check logs for each service and fix each issue. This is exact reason we advocate a DR environment (overkill for you). Typically you want to stop all services on ambari, stop ambari and then you can stop your cluster. If not performed this way you will see possible issues with indivudal services.