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Cluster disk IO - NO DATA Cloudera Hadoop


Cluster disk IO - NO DATA Cloudera Hadoop

New Contributor

Hello everybody!

I am new in that area and have some problems with my hadoop cluster. I am installed CDH with Cloudera Manager on the cluster with 7 servers. Inspection of all hasts was successful.

Image of successful inspection



In the installation process, there were some errors, but after the restarting of the cluster they disappeared and I've fixed the other health issues. Now the status of my cluster looks like next image:

Status of my hadoop cluster



But i still can't watch the Cluster disk IO statistic because is NO DATA. How can i solve this problem?



Re: Cluster disk IO - NO DATA Cloudera Hadoop

Rising Star

Did you write any data to the disk? Once you populate data to the disk, the graph will start showing the statistics.

Also, Please check with the health of the cluster as the amber colour states some warnings. Please check with them as well