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Cluster network configuration

Cluster network configuration

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Hi everybody, I'm planning the installation of a new CDH (4.6) cluster.


To avoid cluster traffic to inundate the network of the enterprise that will host the cluster I decided to configure a subnet dedicated to inter-nodes communication.


So, for every node in the cluster I have a situation in /etc/hosts similar to this one:


123.456.788.001 node1

123.456.789.001 node1-sub


Now my question is: what should be the hostname of the node? I think that it should be set to node1-sub (in other clusters I installed I followed this way), but I think it is not too a good practice setting the hostname with the private interface name instead of the public one.


Another question is this one: is it a good idea to create a dedicated subnet for inter-node communication?


Re: Cluster network configuration

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