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Cluster shutdown due to AutoReboot

New Contributor

Hello ,

I had a 5 node HDP cluster running with embedded postgress running. Over the weekend , the server patching activity caused autoreboot on all the 5 nodes and now all the components are down. It would be helpful to know:

1) How can i recover the cluster back to have all the components functioning again ?

2) I tried starting postgress and then start ambari-server manually so that i can resubmit the blueprints if required to reinstall other components but ambari while starting up is throwing the below error(I am using openJDK):

Looking for available JDKs at /usr/jdk64 Found: [] ERROR: Exiting with exit code 1. REASON: No JDK found, please run the "ambari-server setup" command to install a JDK automatically or install any JDK manually to /usr/jdk64

3) How do setup the components (HDFS , YARN , Ranger , Zeppelin , HIVE)to autorestart so that we can survive any VM reboots ?



@Amith Dsilva

Once you resolve the JDK issue your cluster should be back and all the components functioning

Ambari-server setup By default when you do not specify this option, Setup automatically downloads the JDK binary to /var/lib/ambari-server/resources and installs the JDK to /usr/jdk64.

See attached screenshot to help you configure auto start if your cluster is HDP 2.6.x you have option of enabling and disabling the components at will