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Configs not mapped to any service - how to fix?


in the database consistency check log, I see this message :

2017-08-21 17:26:20,029  WARN - You have config(s): ams-hbase-security-site-version1,hst-common-conf-ve

How do I correct this?


Super Mentor

@Geoff Holmes

If you are seeing the WARNING message

WARN - You have config(s): .... that is(are) not mapped (in serviceconfigmapping table) to any service!

Then you can ignore it for now as this is WARN not ERROR. As it is reported as part of JIRA [1] and addressed in Upcoming Ambari 2.5.2

However, If you want to fix the warning message then you can refer to the workaround mentioned in the same JIRA in the issue description section.