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Configuring AWS load balancer for Kerberized & SSL enabled Impala

Hi Community,

I'm working on adding load balancer in front of my Impala deamons. 

I will be using AWS ELB

As this is my first time I have few queries that are bothering me:

  1. When I create ELB which SSL certificate should I provide, the root CA certificate or the ones that cloudera manager creates while configuring AUTO_TLS, for example cm-auto-global_cacerts.pem? (My Cluster is already kerberized and TLS/SSL is enabled)
  2. Once the ELB is created, I will have to add the information to Impala service setting in CM and regenerate the Kerberos Credential. Will I be able to revert if something goes wrong in the process? I mean, if I remove the added configuration from Impala service setting in CM and restart, will it safely go back to working as before?


Thank you in advance.


@SnehasishRSC ,

For 1. , what encryption method do you use to set LB for Impala?

And are you using self-signed or CA signed certificate for your current TLS/SSL setup?

For 2. , yes you just need to remove the LB configuration for Impala in CM and then restart services, it should be back to previous configured state.


Hi @EricL,


Thank you for your reply.

We use Client/Server SSL encryption method with a CA signed certificate.




Hi Snehasish,

For internal CA signed certificates, I would think you only need Root CA certificate to be installed on the client side, after you have your intermediate certificates imported into server side key store file.