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Configuring Cloudera to authenticate to AD

Configuring Cloudera to authenticate to AD

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I am not the Active Directory admin, but with the proper documentation and opening of tickets, I can get the Cloudera system authenticating to AD.


What I have:

I have an AD group called ClouderaUsers

I have a service account to query AD when a user logs into Hue

The user must be a member of the ClouderaUsers security group

I have set up kerberos on my development Cloudera environment


Looking at the instructions on the Cloudera site, it seems that Cloudera Manager is going to be a user authority, meaning I create user accounts in CM.  I cannot create user accounts in AD, all provisioning goes through a security team, and AD is our authentication authority.


My requirements:

I want to use AD to authenticate users in the ClouderaUsers group, if a user is not a member, they will be denied.


Is this possible?





Re: Configuring Cloudera to authenticate to AD

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Hello @TimTeller,


I'd start by getting some background on Cloudera Manager authentication here:



That will likely answer your question and give you some background on how the LDAP configuration in Cloudera Manager works.  If you have questions, let us know.