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Configuring HBASE in HDP with version HBASE-1.2.6

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I am using HDP-2.4 with HBASE-1.1.2. My question is

1. Can I configure HBASE-1.2.6 in HDP also can I use Ambari UI for monitoring.

2. If not I need a UI monitor. Please Suggest any.


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@Lalit Jadhav

When Hortonworks releases a new version of HDP, out of many things, one thing it makes sure is to perform significant integration testing on all the products that are shipped as part of one release. You cannot just upgrade one product to the version you desire. You will have to upgrade HDP. But even the latest version of HDP ships with HBase 1.1.2 so I don't think you have that option available today.

If this is just some test system, then you can download HBase version of your choice from Apache and follow Apache's documentation to install HBase (make sure you have removed HBase shipped with HDP or at least stopped running so there is no port conflict). Then point your HBase to HDFS shipped with HDP. Remember, this is absolutely unsupported and you should not do this except for environments where you are just playing or doing R&D.

I am not sure which tools you can use to monitor an Apache HBase install like this one.

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Thank you for responce @mqureshi . Yes I am doing R&D. I am goijng to try for HBASE out of HDP stack.

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