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Confused about two existing ports to connect with sandbox

there are two possible ports to connect to machine: 22 and 2222

When the sandbox with Vmware run, it actually use port 22. However non of services such as ambari-server works. even commands like ifconfig or ambari-admin-password-reset work.

With SSH command, I can use either port 22 or 2222. Each connects to different files.

With SSH to port 2222, all the services and commands work.


I also wanted to ask a question about -P switch in SCP command. however I discovered the problem caused by not using capital P!

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Did you try using 2222? That is the correct port to connect unlike standard 22 port. You can access those very basic commands like hdfs/ambari-admin-password-reset ...etc only when you connect to that port 2222.

# ssh root@ -p 2222

Hey Jay. yes I did. It doesnt work:

ssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection refused

I guess Virtualbox and Docker use hots I am using Vmware and it suggest a different host.

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@Sadegh port 2222 leads to the docker container which runs the actual sandbox code. Port 22 leads to the virtual machine that hosts the running docker container.

Thanks for explanation. Do you know any resource for more in depth explanation?