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Connect to impala jdbc from an oozie java action

New Contributor

Is it possible to connect with an impala jdbc connection from inside an oozie job in a kerberized cluster?


Ideally there would be a way to pass a delegation token, but I see that there is no implementation for it in oozie, and I can't see anywhere that it is used.


(I don't have access to the keytab file, so I can't authenticate that way)



Hi @lev,


I assume you are looking for a way to authenticate with Impala JDBC similar to Hive JDBC described in chapter 'Using a Hadoop Delegation Token' here.


Impala JDBC/ODBC does not support this method, the current way to authenticate is to pass either the keytab or an LDAP password to the application. For example with a shell script that does the initialization.

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