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Connecting to hive mysql using mysql-conncetor/j

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I am setting up a brand new installation of Ambari on a CentOS7. I ran through the documentation and stuck at step 7 where I have to connect othe Databases.

I have a running mysql 8 on another cluster which I called node 1 and the ambari server is running on a cluster which is called host.

I followed the instruction given on

and there I have my first question:


  1. Runambari-server setup --jdbc-db=mysql --jdbc-driver=/path/to/mysql/mysql-connector-java.jar

I used /usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar as /path/to/mysql/

the rights on this file are set to 644

and then I have to run the same command again?

next I logged into mysql on node1 directly and created th users with the privileges as given in the documentation.

When I now try to test the connection I am getting the error

Unable to connect to the DB. Please check DB Connection properties.

this is my databse URL


So it looks like I am not able to connect to the DB but I don´t know where the issue is.

_Any help is more than welcome