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Connection between Tableau and Druid on HDP 2.6.5

Connection between Tableau and Druid on HDP 2.6.5

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I have been trying to connect from tableau to druid through Hive. I have looked at this article: 

I have been able to connect through knox server to hive and retrieve hive tables into Tableau but failing to retrieve druid cubes. 

The dialogue box, I get when I try to connect using "Hortonworks Hadoop Hive" connector is not similar to the one in the article. What I get is this: 

Server, port, authentication, transport and based on the choice of transport, I get different fields.


Where as in the article, you are expected to give "druid" server name. What does that mean? Is it the query server or the coordinator or the overlord etc? 

Also, how do we ensure that it connects through LLAP to druid?

Any guidance or pointers to articles on this would be helpful.


The dialog in the article is like this: