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Connection failed-YARN-HDP3

New Contributor

Connection failed-YARN-HDP3

Please find the attachment for screen shot connection-failed-yarn-hdp3.png


New Contributor

@vamsi krishna Hi, have you find the solution for this error?


@vamsi krishna , can you please check if resource manager is up ?

New Contributor

@yvora Hi, I am currently have same issue. My resource manager seems up.


New Contributor

Hi, have you find the solution for this error?

Super Collaborator

Hi @vamsi krishna,

First check the resource manager port is listening or not by using netstat -an | grep 8088. if the port is listening check resource manager web ui is working or not ? if both are working try to restart the ambari-agent and if resource manager web page not coming restart the resource manager.

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