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Consume minifi flow in a NiFi cluster


Hi all,

I have created a bash script to execute one command in one minifi agent, and I want to capture the output of that command in a NiFi cluster. I have defined an ExecuteProcess processor and a Export processor to send the processed info to the NiFi service.

I have exported this flow as a template, and converted to YML using the Minifi Toolkit.

On the other hand, I have defined an Import processor to read from the minifi, and then just a PutFile processor to write the received text in a file, just as a preliminar version to complete the flow.

The map of the defined processors is the one showed in complete_flow.png.

The settings for the different processors are in the different images.

I don't know where can be the problem,or if it is a misunderstanding of the getting started steps.

Thank you in advance