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Container log/nodemanager links in jobhistory through knox

New Contributor

I'm trying to use knox 0.12 for various hadoop services, and I'm having some trouble with the nodemanager links in YARNUI services. Specifically, the nodemanager links require the host to be appended in the URI, something like:


When I'm coming from the RM page, this link is rendered as an absolute one, so the rewrite rule works fine and appends the host and port. However, when I'm on the NM page itself, the URLs are not absolute, so a different rewrite rule applies:

2017-06-27 05:10:28,138 DEBUG hadoop.gateway ( - Rewrote URL: /node/containerlogs/container_e01_1498485266952_0006_01_000001/hiyer qa3july/stderr/?start=-4096, direction: OUT via implicit rule: YARNUI/yarn/outbound/node to URL: https://host:8443/gateway/sandbox/yarn/node/containerlogs/container_e01_1498485266952_0006_01_000001...

As you can see, this link does not contain the host in the query string, so it does not work. This affects log links for running tasks, and links for the nodemanager itself.

Any help on how I can work around this? One way I could think of is appending the query string of the *current* page to the link, but I couldn't see how to do that in a rewrite rule.