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Could not save results

Could not save results


cdh5.0.2+kerberos security




I use the user 'rube',save query result->in an hdfs file->select a folder->save,throw the exception:

Could not save results: The result could not be saved: AuthorizationException: User rube (auth:TOKEN) via hue (auth:TOKEN) is not authorized for protocol interface org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.protocol.ClientProtocol, expected client Kerberos principal is null.



If I use the user 'hue',it runs normally.

I think there is a problem with the configuration about kerberos security.If I use a common user which is created by the hue admin ,is there some other configurations I should do?


Re: Could not save results


I solved the problem myself.

Following the step 16 and step17.

for example:

1.kadmin.local: addprinc rube@HADOOP.COM

2.all host in the cluster:

       useradd rube -u 1003

       usermod -a -G hive rube(set user rube to group hive)

Then on the hueWeb,user rube can save results on hdfs.