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Could not upload .csv file more than 200mb on HDFS Ambari: 413 (Request Entity Too Large)

New Contributor

Installed the sandbox on VirtualBox but could not upload a .csv file more than 200mb on HDFS using Ambari interface and getting a message 413 (Request Entity Too Large). The file upload bar stuck at 100%.

Though working fine with files size smaller than 200mb.



Hi ,

I feel like this is similar to this thread : cant-upload-files-with-more-than-1mb

Please see if the best answer provided there is helpfull for you.

you can also upload large files using HDFS command instead of using filesview.

Not Sure if files view supports such big data.

New Contributor

Unfortunately the thread you referred is little help because I am already using localhost:8080 to access Ambari. I had uploaded 4GB files using FilesView on windows docker. But could not upload same file on VirtualBox. So FilesView does suppoort large files. I have allocated 8GB RAM to VirtualBox and plenty of disk space.

Is there a file size cap somewhere on Ambari or the webserver hortonworks use? no idea which webserver.

New Contributor

What you need to do?

Firstly login ssh root to your host VM.

ssh -p 2200 
User: root Password: hadoop 

Architecture of CDA presented here:

Then open and edit: /sandbox/proxy/nginx.conf

 vi  /sandbox/proxy/nginx.conf 

Press i

Set value for client_max_body_size 200m;

Press Esc

Type :wq

Then restart container:

docker ps 

Get container id

docker restart PID

New Contributor

Thank you! It helped.

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