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Create Falcon cluster freezes


Create Falcon cluster freezes


Hello community,

while going trough the Hortonworks "create a falcon cluster" tutorial, the process freezes when pressing on "save" (see picture below). The sign next to "save" is still in motion but nothing happens apart from that. Iam running everything on HDP 2.6.1 sandbox but I also tried another sandbox (2.6.0) with the same results. Does anyone have a hint?

I appreciate your help:-)

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Re: Create Falcon cluster freezes

New Contributor

I troubleshooted this issue on HDP 2.6.0 and I was able to solve it by changing the YARN Resource Manager Address's port to 8032. Well, in my case the port 8050 wasn't even running while the YARN and other services re running. I checked the port configuration on the YARN conf files and found out the port is 8032 and not 8050.

Try to restart falcon services and create the cluster with the same configuration as you did except the port number of the YARN RM port as mentioned above. It should work!