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Create HDFS user accounts

Create HDFS user accounts

Expert Contributor

I got a CDH 5.4.2 cluster setup and looking to add users account. How do I go about creating new HDFS user accounts via CM?




Re: Create HDFS user accounts



I guess you can create with the following steps: (assuming you have kerberos enabled)


1. In the kadmin.local or kadmin shell,m type the following command to  create a Kerberos principal called hdfs:


     kadmin:  addprinc hdfs@YOUR-LOCAL-REALM.COM


2. To run commands as the HDFS user, you must first obtain kerberos credentials for the hdfs principal. To do so, run the following command and provide the appropriate password when prompted


   kinit  hdfs@YOUR-LOCAL-REALM.COM





Re: Create HDFS user accounts

Expert Contributor

Thanks Asif, I don't have kerberos enabled.


Can this only be done via command line or is it possible to do this via CM?