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Create cluster and apply configurations through Ambari API

Create cluster and apply configurations through Ambari API

New Contributor

I m trying to use Ambari API only to provision a cluster, from my understanding, I need to:

  1. Create a cluster
  2. Create a service
  3. Register hosts to cluster
  4. Create components under service
  5. Create Config with Tag & type
  6. Apply Config using Tag & Type to Cluster
  7. Assign Roles to Hosts
  8. Start everything

I m currently trying to apply configs base on an existing cluster, however, what I find out is that the cluster configurations could have following different tags:

  • versionXXXXX tag
  • INITIAL tag

My understanding is: versionXXXX tag is probably where we putting the custom configurations, but I don't know from Ambari API point of view, how could I generate INITIAL/ TOPOLOGY_RESOLVED tags configurations?

And did I missed any points from above steps?