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Create user in hive or hadoop

New Contributor

I am new to cloudera,


Can any one sugggest me the way how can i create users in hive or hadoop and assign some sort of permissios.


Like have 2 users


First user have all access like create, select, Update etc..


Second user can have select permissions only.



Thanks in advaance..



Hive has SQL based authorization that can provide issue grants to each user or group for those privileges.  I  haven't messed with the native Hive SQL authorizaiton (Cloudera doesn't recommend it as they developed Sentry).  I have worked with Apache Sentry though.  It provides the same and has some quirks (can't use Add jar command, etc.).  Apache Sentry requires Kerberos to be integrated for Hadoop and Hive.  I don't know if the native Hive SQL authorization does too but if it doesn't it is pointless without Kerberos as it is quite easy to spoof another user.


So in effect...


1. Integrate Kerberos for the cluster

2. Implement Authorization for the cluster (I recommend doing HDFS ACLs as well; look into HDFS synchronization for Hive SQL auth and Sentry).

3. Integrate LDAP at the OS for user and group management (otherwise you will be managing it manually and locally as Hadoop will still use the shell based group mapping.


Alternatively (although I have not done this to date)...

1. Integrate LDAP authentication for just Hive

2. Set up Hive SQL authorization

New Contributor

Hi experts,


I want to create read only user in hive .

can you please provide the steps for SQL Based Hive Authorization for the same.






I assume you want to make want to have  column-level authorization with the SELECT privilege

if so you need an AD account .

then create role and then grant role to group .

then finally perform the below step

GRANT SELECT <column name> ON TABLE <table name> TO ROLE <role name>;

Please go through this link and let me know if you need any more information



Cloudera does not support Apache Ranger or Hive's native authorization frameworks for configuring access control in Hive. Use Cloudera-supported Apache Sentry instead.


Native Hive authorization .

Below are the settings needed in hive / hs2 in configuration  . 

hive Hiveserver2 Create roles for select only . assign the user to roles . just like we do in any normal database .

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