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Creating user in HDP 3.x that is similar to default users (maria_dev, raj_ops)

New Contributor

I am using HDP 3.x sandbox and want to create a user similar to maria_dev, raj_ops, . Similar in a sense that these users are added in Ambari and the system. I can log into Ambari or SSH to the system and the same username/password works. If I add a user in Ambari (following this guideline[]) , then the user is only added in the Ambari and I won't be able to SSH into the HDP Sandbox with it. If I add a user in the HDP Sandbox (using useradd -G <group name> <username> ) then I won't be able to log into Ambari with it. Maria_dev or raj_ops share the same password for both the system and Ambari. So if I SSH into HDP Sandbox and change the password for maria_dev, and then later on try to log into Ambari, then I can only login via the updated password.

My question is: How to add a local user that the is added to both Ambari and HDP Sandbox?