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Critical alerts server:port

Critical alerts server:port


We are on HDP 2.3.2 and Ambari 2.1.2. Services on the secondary name node not failed to start getting an error message connection refused on server:port


Re: Critical alerts server:port


Please post logs for secondary name node


Re: Critical alerts server:port


@Kiran Bollam

There are many reasons, but the most common are:

The port is not open on the destination machine. 
The port is open on the destination machine, but its backlog of pending connections is full. 
A firewall between the client and server is blocking access (also check local firewalls). 

After checking for firewalls and that the port is open, use telnet to connect to the ip/port to test connectivity.

telnet localhost port 

If it is listening, it is able to respond.

This removes any potential issues from your application.

netstat -anp | grep port 

The lsof command reveals similar information since it is also capable of linking open ports to services:

lsof -i | grep port 

At time you need to kill the process using that port

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