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Custom service with Ambari: role order definition ignored


Custom service with Ambari: role order definition ignored



In order to define some role order for my custom service I followed the instructions as displayed here:

The content of my 'role_command_order.json' file:

{<br>  "_comment": "RS_HBASE orders",<br>  "general_deps": {<br>    "HBASE_MASTER-STOP": ["RS_HBASE_02-STOP"],<br>    "RS_HBASE_02-START": ["HBASE_MASTER-START"]<br>  },<br>  "optional_no_glusterfs": {<br>    "HBASE_MASTER-STOP": ["RS_HBASE_02-STOP"],<br>    "RS_HBASE_02-START": ["HBASE_MASTER-START"]<br>  }<br>}

and the file is located within the same folder as my 'metainfo.xml' service definition.

So far so good. I would have expected that my service gets stopped when I stop the HBASE_MASTER, but no, it doesn't stop.

What did I miss?



I changed the contents to the following:

"_comment": "RS_HBASE orders",
"general_deps": {
"_comment" : "dependencies for all cases",

I place the file right next to my 'metainfo.xml' , but still nothing.

Why is this file ignored? I can't find any additional information that would point me to another direction I can try.

Any help is appreciated.

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