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DE575 : Data Engineer exam evaluation criteria

DE575 : Data Engineer exam evaluation criteria



In the link, I don't see the details on passing score and method of evaluation.


Could you please detail this information for the benefit of all.




Re: DE575 : Data Engineer exam evaluation criteria

Expert Contributor

Each scenario that you are given during the test will have a list of output requirements that you must fulfill.  Each of your questions will be machine graded based on those requirements after the exam is submitted.  You should recieve a score report of your results on each question within a day of taking the exam.


The pass rate is 70%, but the scoring itself is complicated.  Different questions can have different difficulty levels and be worth more or less points than other questions, and some questions may award partial credit.  So it is possible that the score report shows that you missed a question, and yet you may still get some points towards you final score, or vice versa the score report may show that you got a question correct and yet you may not get full credit for it.  If you get 70% or above out of all the points possible for that exam, you will pass.

Re: DE575 : Data Engineer exam evaluation criteria

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Thanks for the insight,


However, does the evaluation include you choice of solution.

Take an instance,


Imagine that in solving a problem in the exam, I do some data transformation using HIVE + udf instead of doing Spark or MapReduce or Crunch. Could such a decision be evaluated as part of the solution?

Another typical example would be doing Spark Streaming instead of Flume. Assume the end result is correct. Will the grading or evaluation have a reason to give less or more score based on the choice?




Re: DE575 : Data Engineer exam evaluation criteria

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The DE-575 exam is a hands-on, scenario-driven test.  You will be asked to solve problems.  The grading will be based on the solutions that you provide.  We do not evaluate the tools or the code that you used to solve the problems.